The Mysterious Antidote

Will you escape from your hotel or venue?

This is one of the most original activity for groups on Costa del Sol, a unique combination of escape room, treasure hunt, interactive challenges and much more... But the important thing here is that all of this can be enjoyed without having to leave your hotel!

For this game, we have develop a story that includes some challenges and clues that the teams will have to try to solve it. Each clue will lead the teams to progress along the story until one team manage to discover the final truth. To make this activity even more fun, we will divide the entire group into differents teams, so they will not only have to discover the truth about the mystery, but also compete against the other teams.

The main tool for this game is going to be an iPad, that will become the main tool for the gmae. This iPad will show the teams in real time where to go, the challenges to be resolved, where to find some QR codes as well as some clues that you will discover during the game.

Each challenge will take place in a specific room or place of the hotel/venue (gardens, meeting room, hall, etc).

At the end of the game only one team can win, so your team work capabilities, speed and creativity are the key factor to be succeed!

This is an ideal teambuilding activity for groups interested in having a great time in Marbella. One of the best advantage of this experience is that you can stay in your hotel or office/venue, which avoids extra transportation time and costs. 

We will provide you with all the materials/tools required for the activity.

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