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Spaceship Challenge is about having several teams prepare and plan for their mission in Space. Teams work on a tough problem where information is split between the different team members. They must leverage all their online working skills to solve a series of progressively more complex challenges. Space Challenge Virtual team building is an unusual, fun and dynamic (against the clock) group activity designed for high performing teams.

This is more than just a fun game, it is also an opportunity for you to assess and improve the "remote" collaboration skills within your department or the entire company (how to communicate in a professional and performant way while doing home working or simply when working in different cities/countries, what communication platform to use and how, how to analyse and share the relevant information with the right persons, etc).

This exclusive online activity will challenge skills like leadership, communication, time and stress management, etc.

The activity is available anywhere, with specific focus on Gibraltar Corporates and companies in Malaga PTA, Costa del Sol, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

The group will be split into several teams. Each team member will get access to some pieces of information and will have to efficiently collaborate with the others to calculate the right answer/code. 

As it’s a virtual activity, we will use the online collaboration/conference/webinars platform usually used by the client and provide participants with additional breakout rooms allowing additional collaboration functionality such as chat, collaborative document sharing, etc.

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