The Costa del Sol is well known for its more than 150 km of Mediterranean coast-line. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful opportunity to carry out a teambuilding activity for your group on one of the beaches of Estepona, Marbella, Malaga, Sotogrande, Puerto Banus? The Sand Sculpture Building is a fun, challenging, entertaining and unusual activity that improves creativity, communication, team work, planning and organisation, of all the participants. And, it is the best way to make your group have a fun game day at the beach.

The group will be divided in different teams that will compete on the design and creation of the best sand castle or sand sculpture! We will provide all the necessary equipment and carving tools to sculpt the best and nicest sand piece of art. From there, the beach is completely theirs to use sand, water, decoration elements…

The sculpture to be built is up to you! It could be the logo of the company, a person, a sand castle, a product, a famous character, etc… Imagination has no limits! In addition, we can organise some mini-games to integrate some special accessories to the final result to make it even more personalised and challenging.

The sand castle building is an activity designed for all type of groups looking for a fun and unusual challenge on the Costa del Sol. It is the perfect activity to enjoy a day-out at the beach. We can combine it with other experiences such as water sports or some Beach Olympics Games (volley, tug of war, sac races…). We can also include other services such as:

  • Drinks and food on the beach
  • Music
  • Professional Photographer
  • Special challenges
  • Special prizes
  • Atrezzo or accessories to decorate the sculpture