Interactive Musical Bingo

Fun and entertaining activity to warm up the crowd

With this entertaining activity, you have the opportunity to bring your group together and enjoy a fun show that will "challenge" your musical knowledge. We will provide an ELECTRONIC BINGO machine, unique in Spain, as well as the AV equipment, iPads with the bingo boards, etc.

This icebreaker activity is perfect to boost and live up your corporate function (a dinner, a cocktail), a party, a prize ceremony, etc).

The rules are similar to a standard bingo game, but we have adapted it to include a dynamic and entertaining music factor : personalized musical bingo cardboards, a playlist adapted to the groups taste in music, entertainers, AV solutions, etc… 

This activity will be guided by our master of ceremonies, who will be in charge of randomly drawing out the balls that correspond to a song. Then our DJ will "call play" a piece of that song, and so on. Each participant or team will have to recognize the song and cross it off on their bingo cards trying to obtain one complete LINE or a "full house" (BINGO!). The group can (and most probably will) sing and dance at any time!

The participants will not only listen to songs during the game, they will also face other challenges, like watching a musical videoclip and guessing what song corresponds to a picture, etc.

The experience generally includes party lights, quality sound equipment, smoke machine and other props to give a party atmosphere and make the evening memorable!

This is a unique team activity on the Costa del Sol so be assured that once the group members start the game, they won’t stop singing and dancing!

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