Crazy Olympics Team Building

Will you dare to eat it to lead your team to victory?

Our "Crazy Olympics" is team building and fun activity for groups looking for an unusual experiences where participants will have to get out of their "comfort zone".

The teams will take part at several crazy games and get the highest scores at each of the workshops/activities.

These games will allow to develop teamwork and encourage the following aspects:

We offer many options of activities, like for example:

  • Chain of crazy tasting (including eatable INSECTS)
  • Giant Pictionary
  • Precision balls (inflatable)
  • Tower Run
  • Giant Jenga
  • Crazy Blowpipe
  • Giant Target
  • Crazy Golf
  • Crazy basket
  • Word Chain
  • Gladiator (inflatable)
  • Movie Mime
  • Giant Spider web
  • Links
  • Ladder toss
  • American track (inflatable)
  • The laberynth
  • Giant Puzzle
  • Blind Circuit
  • Etc

All our events are fully taolor-made and can include services like : 

  • Photographer
  • Videographer (including drone shots, etc)
  • Flag Creation Challenge
  • Catering options
  • Personalized prizes for the winners
  • Transport
  • Etc...

This crazy olympics activité is designed for medium to large corporate groups and can be fully adapted to meet each client's expectations. It can be either a very physical activity or a more relaxing one, without losing the teambuilding and fun aspect of it with is essential.

This experience can be offered either indoors (meeting room, venues, etc) or outdoors (beach, gardens, etc...). These olympics can take place at the hotel where the group is staying without having to drive out somewhere else, which makes it time and cost effective. In addition, its duration can be adapted according to the profile and schedule of the group.

It can be a short icebreaking game or a longer teambuilding experience.

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