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iPad treasure hunt + sangria and paella cooking + meal

This team building experience is probably one of the most exclusive activity for corporate groups on Costa del Sol. This activity is a unique combination of treasure hunt game and a paella challenge.

The first part of the game consist in a gastronomic treasure hunt activity, the objective here is to try to get the largest number of ingredients through a series of challenges. These ingredients will be the ones to cook later in the paella challenge. This treasure hunt game will take part in the city that you have selected, as we can develop this game in many places, like Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, etc.

Once the treasure hunt game is finished, we will take the group to the restaurant to start the second part of the game, the paella challenge. At the restaurant the teams will learn to prepare the typical spanish "Sangria" and right after that, the teams will begin to prepare their own paellas. Have in mind that it is possible to redeem the points earned during the treasure hunt activity, in order to get ingredients for the paella.

The winning team of the day will have to perform very well at the treasure hunt team game, at the sangria preparation and finally at the paella cooking competition.

At the end of the day, the teams will be able to taste their own paellas, with starter, drinks and dessert.

We usually includes in this experience

  • Backpack (with the ipad and all sorts of tools to use wisely during the treasure hunt)
  • Event managers and assistants for the day
  • Transport service
  • Chefs and cooking assistants
  • Sound system
  • Aprons, caps and all ingredients for the sangria and paella (or spanish tortilla) challenge
  • Photography of event
  • Three course meal with drinks

This experience can be fully customized to meet your requirements, like the time available, the budget, etc. We can include many optional services, like for example:

  • Entertainment during dinner
  • Videography
  • Special catering requirements
  • Specific challenges to be performed during the ipad treasure hunt (segway circuit, magician game, drumming contest, etc)

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