Collaboration Canvas with Graffiti

The best icebreaking experience in Spain

Are you looking for an original artistic activity that combines icebreaking and creativity? If so, we present our "Graffiti-Box". With the spray can as the main tool, each group will have the opportunity to make their own mark using a blank canvas as a base.

Each team will start from scratch, reflecting their own ideas and reinventing the fate of their work with a free creative perspective. The aim of this experience is to bring out the best in each participant in terms of creativity, bringing out the most artistic side of each person.

This activity will work on different approaches to teamwork based on graffiti techniques. It goes beyond painting a wall with cubes or white canvases, as we seek to capture the corporate expression of a group through a representation of colour.

It is ideal for all types of groups, but especially for those looking for an active, creative and collaborative experience. In addition, it offers a different perspective on teamwork by integrating with the "urban" culture of the city. The activity can be customised in terms of timing, budget, objectives, difficulty, start and finish points, etc.

This collaborative workshop will be supervised and guided at all times by two different groups of experts in the field:

  • Our experts in urban art and graffiti will demonstrate and supervise the technical work of the workshop.
  • Our experts in team-building techniques (leadership, motivation, group cohesion, etc.) will study and analyse the behaviour of the teams during the workshop, focusing on the previously established objectives.

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