City Escape

Will you escape from the city on time?

Why not experience a different activity with our exclusive "Escape from the City" team building game? Now you can try to decode the keys of this escape activity designed exclusively for groups in Marbella and Andalusia.

During this activity teams will have to use their skills to solve various challenges, such as:

  • The deductive capacity
  • Group work
  • Manipulative skills to progress through the different phases of the activity.
  • Stress and time management
  • Comunication

The activity starts with the creation of the teams. Several items will be given to each team, such as a backpack and an Ipad, which will be their navigational compass thanks to its geolocation system, and the guide that will show the way to discover the great secret.
In this activity teams will progress through a series of tasks, searching for QR codes, solving puzzles, as well as collecting clues that will allow them to advance through different levels until they reach the last one.
Each challenge will be located in a specific area of the city. To reach the final enigma we will have to go through the different sections of the game. 

At the end of this teambnuilding activity, only one team will discover the enigma and only the best and fastest team will be able to leave the city safely!




This game is an ideal combination of escape room game, treasure hunt, role-playing activity, adrenaline, mental challenges, and more.

It can be played in any city of Andalusia.

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